KEONI K 2016-w signiture_1Welcome Rockers to the backstage wonders of “LIFESTYLE” photography.

I want to share with you what I’ve been doing & learning in this fine & crazy world of photography & business. If anything I hope I can be some help to one who has the talent, the drive & entrepreneurial spirit.

I’m going to dab into all areas of lifestyle photography (the business, the art, the post work etc.). I’ll let you in on ‘lil’ tid-bits I’ve run across, talk about ‘new’ gig stuff(soft ware, apps, tools, gear etc.). Show you some of the tricks I use in photoshop & lightroom. talk about the ware & tear of the road while doing destination weddings & how I still make it look pretty. Let you in on some of my sessions, & show you how to do post production easy & fast. Also, show you how to make & than sell a great looking product to your customer.

I know the road is hard & can bring you down, but the love of performing the gigs & creating art is worth the grind. Let’s talk shop & rock.


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