Completely loved this show. I’ve been waiting 2 years to see this duet perform. I shot these guys 2 yrs ago for their CD project. It finally came together.

Check Chris & Jan Harris’s show out when you can. the ADVENTURES of RODEO & JULIET the bring their romance & stories mixing them with their brand of Country pop/ Folk.

Here are some of the live pic’s I took  of their show. They called me up & hired me to capture the nights moments & images. I used a Canon 5D & 5D mark 2. Glass was a Canon 24-70mm L series 2.8 & the Canon 70-200mm L IS(Image Stabilize) 2.8. I wanted the Sigma 50mm 1.4 & the Canon 135mm L series 2.0. I loaned both of the primes out & missed them greatly. Had to rely on Lightroom 3.0 & some cool RAD actions to bring them out of the dark. Hope you like.




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