Your Name? Michelle Moore
What brand camera do you use? Canon
Your age? 27
What lighting brand do you use? ProFoto (for when I’m shooting in studio)
Your favorite lens? 50mm 1.0L
Mac of PC? Mac! Fully converted 7 years ago
Your favorite lab? ProDpi
Who was/is your biggest inspiration and why? I’m inspired by light. The way light hits and reflects off objects, people, nature, the sky, etc. I’m always inspired by how it falls across my subject at different points throughout the day. I get inspired when I’m shooting, when I’m out for a run, when I’m talking to a friend at a coffee shop – I’m always looking at it, and mentally noting it. It helps me when I’m working with a client, and even in my processing.
How long have you been shooting ? 11 years, 8 professionally
Your favorite color? a LOT of colors, but mostly oranges + yellows
What piece of gear would they have to pry from your cold dead hands? My iPhone. Seriously. I cannot live without it!
If you could do anything else what would it be? I would love to be a producer, whether it was for a band, or magazine. I just love to organize all the fine details, and map it all out. I think it’s one of my favorite parts of doing my fashion work, because I get to put all the pieces together!
How would you explain your style? Fresh, youthful, full of light, happy. I like to have fun on my shoots, and I think that comes across in the majority of my work. It’s fun and light-hearted. I try not to take life too seriously, so I like my images to have an energy and happiness about them.
What advice would you give someone starting out today? Be prepared to work hard. If you are ready to put hours into your work, marketing yourself, studying the business, spent countless nights editing your life away, networking, and shooting, shooting (always shooting more!) then go for it. When I first started out I was shooting every, single, day. You’ll learn so much when you come at it with 150%.
What do you mainly shoot? My main concentration is fashion (editorial, commercial lifestyle and celebrity), and high school senior portraits.
What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t shooting? I love movies. I am a huge movie buff! I also love being active, especially running, yoga or just going for a nice walk.
What did you have for breakfast? Iced Mocha and a Raspberry Scone
Favorite drink or cocktail? Whiskey on the rocks and a Rainier.
Most inspiring image you have ever seen? I can’t think of just one off the top of my head, but anything with a dancer. I think professional dancers are so graceful, and their beauty caught on film is one of my most favorite/inspiring type of photograph to look at.
Coolest place you have ever traveled to for work? I’ve shot at some really amazing locations in the Northwest, and the furthest I have gone for a paid job (so far) is LA. We shot at the Avalon down there – super gorgeous hotel and friendly staff! I’ve shot in Ireland, but just on vacation. I’d love to go to Greece or Australia next for work – just putting that out there in the universe! :)


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