Let Your Creative Flag Fly

Armenian Flag

*A ‘Behind the Camera’ Podcast Episode.

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This is Behind the Camera and I’m your host Keoni K.

Today we’re going to talk about: Let Your Creative Flag Fly.

Picture a flag on a pole. One that is just waving in a gust of wind. It not only looks Majestic, but powerful, brave, beautiful and free, just to name a few adjectives. Know that that flag stands for something. It stands for what you stand for, what you believe in, and what others perceive you to be. The flag is a banner stating who you are, what you do, and how well you do it. A flag can also be pushed and pulled by the wind into different directions but still withstanding the many storms and remains together and true to it’s beliefs.

True creativity is exactly like a flag. It has the ability to set you aside, apart from everyone else. The creative spirit, when allowed to flow, brings to the world true originality of ones self. Some would argue that many take the easy road and copy others under the guise of Creativity.  I would say that true creativity is not copying. Though we all take certain things from what we’ve learned from the masters and artists we envy, I would still say a true spirit of creativity comes within, allowing something new. Something that will enlighten many others that will see, read or hear it.

Being a creative is completely different from knowing your craft. Just because you know a craft well does not mean you are creative. Though, you can go back and say, there’re varying degrees of creativity. I’ve just found that though you have an eye, or that you know your craft that does not necessarily mean your a “creative”. Creativity is in all of us one way or the other. Like an accountant being creative with the numbers. Or, a writer creative with words. I would say being creative in the arts is in a completely different relm. A “True Creative” taps into what most can’t even see, feel or hear. Being a “Creative” is special. One that is truly creative can make others dream, can help others see into new unseen worlds. Even to help usher a group to the foot of God by way of worship.

Like that ‘flag on a pole’, the pole also has a position in the analogy. That Pole stands for Sturdiness one has in the inner workings of his or her craft. It’s the tools of the trade and the how too’s, when to use & how much. The creative soul will never be able to go far without knowing how to use the tools of the trade. Not to mention getting the best out of each tool that is needed to complete the idea that’s inside of the creators mind.

True Creativity is something that many wish they had but will never have. But, remember that many do have the gift but never use it. I challenge you to be proud of your gift of creativity. Do not feel like you are on a lower plain then those who are masters of  their craft but have no creativity. Stand up for your creativness. Let Your Creative Flag Fly.

Keoni K is a professional lifestyle & commercial photographer


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