Want to have more time on your hands? Do you have a Twitter account AND a Facebookaccount and are spending your time updating both?  Cut your time in half by only updating Twitter and having it flow to your business Facebook Fan Page (or your personal page, or both!).
Here is how:
1. Go to your fan page
2. In the upper right-hand corner click, “edit page”
3. Then, on the left, click “apps”
4. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Browse more applications”
5. Search for “twitter”
6. A few different options will come up, but click one will say TWITTER by Twitter with 2,491,939 monthly active users
7. Once it opens click on (at the top) Go To App.
8. Click “allow” when it asks to access your information
9. Check the appropriate boxes for which pages you want your twitter feed to flow to (just personal page, business page, or both… recommendation – pick one!)
10. Click on any more “allow” buttons that may show up
11. It should read at the top “Twitter and Facebook accounts are connected”
12. Go to your Twitter account and test it out!
If for some reason, those steps above aren’t working for you, feel free to follow the steps of this article – Twitter & Facebook Linking.
Found this great tip from my friends Zack & Jody Grey: tips & tricks.

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